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Natural Power has a proven reputation and track record of working with clients to undertake a range of feasibility studies from site finding, screening and proof of concept studies for renewable projects. Our in-house experts on grid, ecology and hydrology, human use considerations, wind resource, access, ground conditions and planning legislation work seamlessly to identify sites with the lowest associated risk in terms of consent and build conditions. Our teams provide grid infrastructure feasibility studies, with our technical experience and capacity being supplemented by wayleaving experience

We also have a highly trained, global team of experienced analysts and environmental project personnel who offer a comprehensive range of technical services to a range of clients and stakeholders. This allows us to provide our clients with optimised project designs, finance grade energy yield analysis and site classification studies.

Our full technical services applicable in feasibility studies include:


LaurenW_220“we take a considered approach from the outset, therefore we can advise our clients on the best way to achieve their project goals whilst flagging any potential risks”

Lauren Wheatley, Director of Technical


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