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As the first phase of wind farms come to the end of their scheduled lifetime, Natural Power is in an excellent position to?advise on all aspects of project progression. During our 20+ years, we have amassed a hug amount of knowledge in this area, having been? involved in the consent of many of the UK’s?early wind farms and?witnessed major changes in policy, site constraints and technology.

We can review and advise on?when (and if) to?re-power, giving consideration to the support regimes and planning policies in place. We can also undertake turbine assessments,?investigate options for upgrading current plant?and?site redesign with a view to up-powering or extending the life of existing assets.

Drawing?upon our extensive planning and environment experience we can lead on?stakeholder engagement, environmental assessment, consent management, decommissioning and condition discharge.?Post consent, we can then manage the construction phase right through to eventual commissioning and?managing the repowered asset. Our main aim is to efficiently manage the costs, risks and timescales in one, seamless, end to end process.

Our in-house electrical engineering team can also look at the options for increasing utilisation of an existing grid connection. They can advise on whether to add more of the same technology, install an alternative?or modify existing equipment to increase overall capacity. Natural Power’s multidisciplinary approach to site design and 20+ years’ experience in the industry is ideally suited to repowering projects.




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