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Natural Power provides construction project management with three main?aims: to construct our?clients’ projects on time, on cost and on specification. We do this by providing project management and monitoring throughout the construction phase.

We have a wide range of services that include owner’s engineer and construction project management where we will administer contracts and act as the project interface, supervising construction and managing specifications. We have specialists who can provide specific grid and electrical services alongside civil and structural services, monitoring and witness testing and?snagging inspections

We can also provide due diligence services through our lender’s technical advisors and resident engineers who can cover site management.

Safety is a key priority at Natural Power. Our team includes specialist safety consultants who are integral to the ongoing growth of?our internal safety culture throughout the business. They?also provide a diverse range of CDM and project safety services to our clients that include?CDM consultant and principal designer services as well as delivering health and safety training.

A key addition to any successful construction site, whether onshore or offshore, is the?environmental clerk of works (ECoW). They take a pragmatic approach to planning condition discharge and compliance. With a close eye on timescales and budget, they will work?closely with construction teams to ensure projects are kept on track where ever possible. Their remit is varied but they can support by providing toolbox talks, monitoring environmental compliance,?water monitoring programmes, protected species surveys?and advising on mitigation measures, peat management and drainage management. On large scale projects, we can provide environmental advisory services, planning monitoring officers (PMO) and a teams of ECoWs.? For offshore projects, we can also provide marine mammal mitigation personnel to deliver any mitigation needs the project may have.

We also recognise that community liaison and the establishing of good relationships during the construction phase are vital. We can provide further support by managing events to engage with local businesses, develop and maintain relationships with community councils and local community groups and the negotiation of community benefit agreements (post consent).



RalphS_220“our robust approach to project management and close?relationship with our clients’ construction teams helps to minimise?delays and ensure the safest possible work environment”

Ralph Spernagel, Director of Construction






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