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a new approach to asset management

Introducing Portal


Why Portal?

When it comes to managing data and having the right information at your finger-tips, we understand the daily challenges facing our clients.

We understand that if you want to manage a project to its maximum potential, you need to order, analyse and make sense of multiple sources of information and data.

That’s why we have developed Portal.

Portal is a flexible and mobile platform that collates and delivers your information and data, and reduces the time spent gathering and collating information.

Portal gives users greater control by allowing them to plan more effectively and ultimately maximise the potential from renewable energy and infrastructure projects.

Portal for Operational Wind Farms

Portal’s mobile platform is easy to access, allowing users to view key project information at a glance.

Information available through the Portal includes:

  • Key management statistics at portfolio, wind farm, and turbine level
  • Energy production analysis and operational reporting
  • Live site access and work control data
  • Health and safety management data
  • Production loss analysis
  • Interactive GIS maps
  • Site management reporting
  • Data storage and management



Providing a powerful suite of data analysis reporting tools, Portal gives users the ability to view and analyse numerous sources of data at a single turbine, site or portfolio level. Portal assists analysts and managers in identifying potential performance issues more easily by presenting information in a historical or real time basis.

Our analysis tool enables users to view and analyse:

  • Availability
  • Downtime
  • Runtime
  • Energy produced
  • Site wind speed
  • Alarms



Understanding how well your assets are performing is a key component in assessing the overall health of your portfolio. Portal allows you to view the current performance of your assets versus budget and alerts you to any shortfalls.

The system gives you greater control of your assets by presenting key data on an easy to view dashboard, allowing for quicker, more efficient reporting. As the whole system is mobile, you can see what’s happening during your daily commute, at your desk or on the move.

Coming Soon…

Our team are currently developing further functions for the operational phase of your project along with new tools to assist in the development and construction phase of your projects.

  • Real Time Interface – giving you the power to monitor the performance of your assets in real time. This live feed allows you to track asset performance and receive warnings of any issues arising. Being able to respond to issues immediately will help you realise the full potential of your assets.
  • Benchmarking – this tool will allow you to compare the performance and availability of your assets with other similar assets on a national and international basis. Check to see how your assets are performing compared to the norm, allowing you to take the necessary steps to rectify any issues and maximise the performance of your assets.
  • Configurable reporting. Putting you in control, this latest feature allows you to take information from anywhere in the Portal, whether it’s a graph, text or a diagram, and compose your own report or analysis. This can be saved as a template so when the information is updated, you can simply refresh the report to populate it with the latest KPI’s of your choice.


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What our clients are saying

?“Portal brings together all of my asset information in one simple, easy to use programme. The format is simple, user-friendly and provides huge time-saving benefits when keeping track of site data. It definitely has strong potential as a support tool for maximising operational site performance, and we look forward to seeing the service develop.”

Sean MacDougall, Technical Officer at Muirhall Energy

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