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Early damage-detection is vital for maintaining a healthy wind turbine fleet that performs at its best.

Natural Power’s expert inspections team can assess your fleet, diagnose any problems and identify what repairs may be needed and when. This results in an efficient and cost-effective maintenance plan that suits you.

This proactive approach to wind turbine maintenance reduces downtime and ensures maximum output.


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End of Warranty (EoW)

We produce a thorough and complete set of inspection reports for our clients. These reports show faults, premature damage and excessive wear. They make sure the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) meet their contractual terms and address these issues before the end of the warranty. We also offer all EoW client-services as stand-alone inspections.

Life extension assessments

Extending the life of existing wind turbines can significantly increase return on investment. When looking at extending operational life, we use an analytical and practical approach to carry out detailed turbine assessments. These assessments let us know if turbines are fit for lifetime extension and if they are safe and reliable.

Drivetrain inspections

We use state-of-the-art endoscopic technology and our knowledge of wind turbine bearing and gearbox arrangements to collect images that show the condition of the internal individual components of a turbine drivetrain. Gear and bearing features are ISO standards classified.


Our analysts regularly monitor real-time turbine data. This includes supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and vibration signal analysis. Drivetrain data analysis using temporary monitoring equipment is also available to our customers through our portable condition monitoring systems and custom software reporting.



We use a mix of both ground based technology and the latest available commercial drones for blade inspections to gather high quality data. The drones can inspect the entire wind turbine blade surfaces quickly and provide full photographic coverage of each side of every blade. This reduces the impact of downtime. We use a specifically developed software package with artificial intelligence (AI) based damage detection software to process the blade image data and generate reports.



Natural Power’s fully-qualified inspections team knows that prevention is better than cure when it comes to wind turbine inspections.

“Our inspections team are all fully qualified engineers who take a holistic approach when assessing turbine health. They can identify any issues, advise on severity and risks, and recommend corrective action, so clients can plan and prepare for any required maintenance work. Having qualified engineers carry out inspections means clients know they are getting a high-quality, knowledge driven expert service. We are also an independent provider, so we can offer clients a cost effective and flexible approach.”

Stuart Egan?Head of Inspections (Global)


Contact the specialists now to enhance the performance of your wind-turbine fleet.

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