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health and safety

health and safety

Our health and safety professionals have extensive experience working across a wide range of?renewable and infrastructure projects. We can support clients with?their health and safety needs across the project?lifecycle through our committed and pragmatic approach.

We undertake project safety reviews using a due diligence approach.? We identify?safety issues and risks that could challenge the success of a project?early and address them?proactively.? We?also provide?construction health and safety management, through the provision of site safety inspections, the assessment of?the skills, knowledge and experience of duty holders and the facilitation and management of hazard identification workshops (HAZID) and other specialist safety tools.

Another key area where we can provide support is via the CDM 2015 Principal Designer (PD) role.? This allows for the preparation of safety management systems, the review and gap analysis of existing safety management systems and the undertaking of internal health and safety audits prior to audit by certifying bodies.

In addition, our team can provide support and advice on accident investigation where incidents are investigated using TOPSET techniques.

Unique to the on and offshore wind industry, our team can also provide health and safety management of wind turbine inspections, utilising experienced in-house project management, designers, engineers and safety personnel to ensure a safe working environment for all involved in inspection work.

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