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geotechnical services

geotechnical services


Our geotechnical services team provides site investigation solutions that combine experienced geotechnical consultancy skills with state of the art contracting services and plant. With over 10 years’ experience we have developed high quality ground investigation, geophysical and topographic surveys across more than 100 renewable, grid, infrastructure and water related projects.

We deliver solutions within wider construction management teams, integrated with planning, design and constructions processes, ensuring that work is carried out efficiently and to the highest levels of health and safety.

Our experienced team of chartered engineers, geotechnical and civil engineers and geophysicists are supported by a professional drilling?team?well versed in a wide selection of drilling and sampling methods.? We carry out conventional and bespoke ground investigations to Eurocode 7 standards throughout the UK, Republic of Ireland and internationally.

Onshore Wind

2.5GW of wind farm site investigation safely completed

We regularly complete site investigation in challenging and complex geologies for successful infrastructure design. Challenges include peat, chalk, artesian water, deep fluvial deposits, unexploded ordinance (UXO), mining, upland terrain, remote access, forestry, slope stability etc.

Our services include:

Topographical survey and terrain analysis

Grid & infrastructure

Offshore & nearshore


Groundwater and water wells

We install agricultural, commercial and domestic water wells throughout the UK.? Our hydrogeologists are available to determine whether groundwater abstraction is feasible, identify the aquifer and best place to drill.

Using our experience we will give you an idea of the regional success and typical abstraction rates / quality.

Our consulting engineers will design your well to ensure correct, efficient function, adequate surface protection and liaise with the authorities to ensure the correct notifications and licences.

We have a selection of modern low ground pressure drilling plant handling water well projects up to 300mm diameter.? We offer the following services:

Geothermal & ground source heat pumps

Ancillary Services




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