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consenting and compliance

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Consenting and compliance

Our?global team of planners, ecologists, hydrologists, land agency and landscape experts work closely to help our clients achieve consent for their projects.?This is often the start of trusted relationship where we?go on to keep those projects compliant and viable as they move through construction and on to the operational phase. The team draws upon a wealth of knowledge and experience of on and offshore wind, solar and hydro developments, grid infrastructure and battery storage projects.

We have consented more than 3.5GW of renewable energy projects.? We have also?been involved in the construction of over 110 projects as owners’ engineer and environmental clerk of works, and have worked across a 42GW due diligence portfolio.

Together, the team combines our consenting, environmental and engineering experience to ensure effective compliance across the project lifecycle.? We do this by reviewing?planning conditions, preparing?supporting documentation, and ensuring that appropriate updates to planning discharge conditions are undertaken and subsequently monitored.

Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to identify issues early on, helping to mitigate risks and ensure that projects are kept on time and on budget. We work closely with other stakeholders, taking a helpful, cost effective and pragmatic approach to problem solving that keeps our clients’ projects running smoothly.

We deliver a comprehensive range of services from planning and permitting to terrestrial ecology, hydrology and environmental compliance.



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