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Renewable Energy Analysis Services


validation_pg_cover_220pxNatural Power has developed a comprehensive suite of analysis services to support the development and delivery of projects throughout all stages of their lifecycle.

Our analysis services are delivered using a combination of bespoke in-house tools, industry standard models, and
through strategic partnerships with industry experts in meteorological and climatic modelling.

Natural Power’s dedicated ecology, GIS and wind analysis?teams have delivered a variety of analysis services on a range of projects spanning the globe at various stages of the lifecycle. We have the ability and expertise to take projects from feasibility, through consenting and post-consent, and into the pre-construction, construction and operational phases.Energy Analysis Service Suite

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We can help you realise the full potential of your assets. By drawing upon a range of services from reliability tracking to predictive failure modelling, KPI benchmarking and warranty calculations we can help you achieve more.

We take a holistic approach to performance analysis.? By combining performance indicators based on operational SCADA data and advanced flow modeling, our analysts are able to identify areas of uncertainty which present the best opportunities for power performance improvement.



Here are some more details on a few of our analysis services:





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