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International Women in Engineering Day 2018

We are delighted to support International Women in Engineering Day 2018 here at Natural Power. As a company we aim to support and encourage applicants and employees at every stage of their career, regardless of gender. We recognise the excellent work that organisations including the Women’s Engineering Society, UNESCO and STEM do in order to raise the profile of women in engineering and highlight the fantastic career opportunities available to them in this exciting industry.

Some of the leading ladies in engineering at Natural Power wanted to shout about what they love about their roles and how they embarked on a career in engineering in the first place. If you are interested in finding out more about vacancies at Natural Power, please click?here.

You can read more about International Women in Engineering Day 2018 here.

Meet some of our female engineers

Mae Aldridge

Geophysical Survey Project Engineer

“Your first job might not be the perfect one, don’t be scared to try something new and see what you like. Engineering skills like problem solving/strategic thinking/working with people are completely transferable and will help you in any role”.

Check out Mae’s ‘day in the life of’ article here.

Eva Fernandez Moran

Energy Analyst

“The best thing about my role at Natural Power is the team I work within and the time we dedicate to innovation and development. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by very knowledgeable people who are passionate about what they do”.

Check out Eva’s ‘day in the life of’ article here.

Hannah Staab

Senior Due Diligence Project Manager

My job is all about finding practical solutions to complex questions and making the link between my technical expertise and commercial realities. I’ve gained a lot of confidence from dealing with unfamiliar challenges on a daily basis”.

Check out Hannah’s ‘day in the life of’ article here.

Leanne Ramage

Head of Technical Projects

“Go for it, follow your dreams! My gender has never been an issue so it shouldn’t ever be a consideration when looking at your future career”.

Careers at Natural Power

Natural Power has grown steadily over its 20 + year history and this is down to the talent, hard work and experience of our 350-strong global workforce. We are proud of our inclusive and open culture and are always on the lookout for talented and ambitious people to join us. We hope you enjoyed hearing from some of the amazing women who work here and hope that you are inspired to join us. For more information, click here


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